About our Acting Classes

  • Interested in learning about acting, and trying your hand at it? The classes in our Acting Fundamentals Series are a great place to start.
  • For dates, times, and course descriptions, please visit the Rekindle School website.

  • Most of our ur acting classes meet in Seattle at Phinney Neighborhood Center. They’re open to students 17 and older, or by permission of the instructor.
  • If you complete Acting 101,  Acting 102, Acting 103 and Acting 104, plus Let’s Make a Movie, you’ll earn an Acting Fundamentals Certificate

Acting 101: The Basics 

This introductory workshop is a great place to start learning about acting and developing your acting skills, We’ll do some games and group exercises, learn how to breathe and project our voices, perform some short scenes and skits and do some improv.  In the first class….Learn more

Acting 2: “What’s My Motivation?”

In this class, students will learn how to bring a script to life by exploring their character’s motivation. Techniques such as emotional recall and sense memory will be used to help students connect with their character’s thoughts and feelings. Exercises will include… Learn more

Acting 103: Creating Characters

This class is all about creating different character types and archetypes. You’ll learn how to use your voice, posture, and attitude to create several different distinct and believable characters. By the fourth… Learn more

Acting 104: “Feelings”

In this class, students will learn how to express emotions more naturally and easily on stage or in front of a camera. Techniques such as emotional preparation and relaxation exercises will be used to help students become more comfortable with their emotions. Learn more

Acting in a 48 Hour Movie

“Acting in a 48 Hour Movie” is a fun hands-on class where students will work together to create a short film from start to finish in just two days – then entering it in a competition and watching it in a Seattle theater!  We’ll have two quick intro meetings, then… Learn more

Career Paths for Actors 

This workshop is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in acting. Students will learn how to prepare for an audition, choose the right material, and deliver a memorable performance. Exercises include performing short monologues, cold reads and warm reads, and mock auditions. The instructor will… Learn more

Let’s Make a Movie

A fun class for actors who would like to get experience acting in a short film and get some footage for their actor reel. We’ll have two brainstorming sessions, then… Learn more

Let’s Make a HORROR Movie

Fun times! We’ll make a horror film and enter it in a 48 hour competition – then watch it in a theater! Students will… Learn more

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