Acting 102: “What’s My Motivation?”

Acting 102  is a follow-up class for students in Seattle who’ve taken Acting 101 and would like to continue learning and developing their acting skills.  

In this class, you’ll learn how actors interpret scripts, asking four key questions help that bring the scenes into focus and help define your character and what their motivation is in each scene.

We’ll do short scenes and improv exercises.

  • For ages 17 and older (or by permission of instructor).
  • Whether you’re interested in taking an acting class just for fun, or to get over some stage fright and get more comfortable in front of people, or have professional aspirations to act in television or movies or on stage, everyone is welcome.
  • This class can be  applied toward our Acting Fundamentals Certificate. Instructor – Nils Osmar

  • Want more information – or ready to sign up?
  • Enrollments for this class are being taken by Rekindle School.