How long has Seattle Acting Institute been around?

We were established in 2002.

What’s your connection with Rekindle School?

Rekindle is our umbrella organization. They offer many different kinds of classes; our focus at SAI is on acting, including improv, comedy, and film. If you sign up, you’ll be taken to the Rekindle website to finishing processing your enrollment.

“Will I receive college credit for taking classes at Rekindle or SAI?” 

No, our classes are not-for-credit courses, meaning that the focus is not on tests or grades, but on learning and having fun.

Is Seattle Acting Institute a vocational program?

No, our focus is on providing training, instruction, and practical experience in acting for personal enrichment and for fun. 

Can kids take your classes? Or are they just for adults?

At this time our classes are just for students 17 and older. This is because of adult themes and possible profanity in some of the scripts students are working from.

Are you part of the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College?

We get this question a lot because we co-sponsored classes with the EC (a not-for-credit program at the UW) for about 15 years (meaning that you could sign up for the same classes on their website or on ours). But the answer is, no, we’re not a part of them.

When the EC closed down in 2017, Rekindle kept going as a separate school. We still sometimes hold classes on the U.W. campus, but we’re not a part of the University of Washington; we’re just renting space there occasionally for classes.

We do sometimes list our classes on the Seattle Experimental College page, but it’s a separate program that came into being after the UW’s EC had closed down.

Have any of your students gone on to act in movies or on TV?

Yes, we often hear back from students who’ve gone on to pursue acting in many different venues. See the student comments below.

Student comments:

Hello Nils, I played Weasel and The Executioner in your movie Liberation… I also took the Let’s Make a Movie class with you few years ago. I hope you are doing great and finding time to make movies. I just wanted to thank you for having me in your movies and teaching me! I am now a full time actor in LA. Thank you and have a great 2017 full of creative films! – Deja Soufka Actor/Directorhttp://resumes.actorsaccess.com/dejasoufka

I’d like to thank you.   After taking your (Beginning Acting and Let’s Make a Movie) classes last year, I now have had two acting gigs.   One in a movie called Sideways Japan… it was a Fox production…  and I was in a commercial in Hollywood, that was a Time Warner production.   The reel we made (in the Let’s Make a Movie class) was very useful helping me perform in front of camera and the fact (that I was) comfortable in front of camera got me the gigs. Tell  everyone to not give up and give it your all if you want to make it.   It was a slow start, but now I’m living in L.A. and loving it. Thanks again, your classes are good. – K. S.  (Hollywood)