Screenwriting 101

Looking for a Seattle screenwriting class that provides a good introduction; gives you hands-on experience writing scenes and short screenplays; and is open to both beginning and intermediate writers?

In this four week introductory class,  you’ll be introduced to the essentials of screenwriting, practice writing short scenes and complete (very short) scripts, and get the chance to workshop and receive helpful feedback on your writing.

We’ll cover a number of topics, including:

  1. How to format your screenplay (including indentation, font size and capitalization) (and common mistakes to avoid)
  2. How to write in the style most screenwriters use, and break writing habits that don’t work.
  3. How to identify your target audience for the movie you’re writing, and why it matters
  4. Writing log lines and taglines (very short descriptions or blurbs for your screenplay) You’ll get some practice writing both.
  5. We’ll look at what makes a scene, and get some practice in writing some complete short scenes.
  6. We’ll write some complete short scripts

By the end of the class, you should have a good working knowledge of how to write a  screenplay, how to approach marketing it, and have some solid writing experience under your belt. You’ll have written some short scenes and a short script, and had an opportunity to hear them workshopped and get some feedback on your writing.

Our enrollments are being taken by our friends at Rekindle School. To see dates and times, and sign up, click the image below:

Screenwriting 101